Inviting from the outside with its design, an invincible fighter from the inside.

The labor (EMEK) for your safety ...

We, as the Emek Çelik Kapı family, started to operate in an area of about 35 square meters in a small enterprise located in Kayseri Old Industrial Zone in 1975. We also directly suffered the troubles of each newborn enterprise during the growth phase. Since 1975, we have been one of the companies in the sector to observe best the difficulties, problems and position of the sector. We aim to satisfy our customers by evaluating the offers and wishes that have come to us since the first years of foundation of our company and we felt the need to renew ourselves. We have shifted from the atelier system to the factory system by setting up a closed area of 10.000m2 in the first stage with our 15.000m2 open space in the organized industrial zone, and we gained our place in this sector. For the past 10 years, we have been providing "labor" (EMEK) to our country for 38 years with our faith and self-sacrifice and to many foreign countries for last 10 years.


The steel door sector has been growing steadily in recent years, providing significant contributions both to the economy of Kayseri and to the economy of the Country with respect to export and employment. Especially it is a pleasure for Kayseri province to be a leader in Turkey in terms of production and sales, but it is a matter of responsibility for us. We believe that increasing quality and reaching the standards that products deserve, and having a competition based on quality, model and service will ensure a continuous development in the sector.

Developments in the construction sector also bring opportunities to the steel door sector. There is a continuous need for steel doors as a result of the fact that the demand for housing in Turkey has not yet reached the desired level.

Our country's exports are growing day by day. And the steel door sector is also taking its place within this growth share. Exports of steel door are especially increasing in our neighboring countries across this region as well as Middle East, North Africa and Turkic republics. However, the point reached is not enough to the full. Because Turkey has not been able to open steel door market to Europe yet. In this context, it is necessary to utilize development agencies, EU grant schemes and local resources to determine the door standards in the sector and to carry out inspections on this subject.

ÜAll materials used in production should be of good quality and should have TSE certificate. It is also very important to make production in accordance with the standards and attach importance to workmanship. It is also important to have model diversity, custom designs and technology that provides extra safety in leading and preferred companies like ours. Special producst are being used with the quality difference appearing in details and above the standards in today's distinguished projects. Now, it is necessary to offer consumers the products, which are rich in aesthetics as well as safety and employ materials and paints that highlight human health and safety, in addition to the innovatite standards both in steel doors and interior doors.

We intend to serve our country with a total area of 40.000m2 area, 25.000m2 closed, which is expected to start in 2015 and to be completed in 2017. In addition, the number of our current employee is about 110-120, and it is expected to be 200-250 people when the additional investment is completed. With this new area, we aim at 35 to 40 countries for exporting. Emek Steel Door, which offers its products to the whole world market through its ever-developing market network, is proud to offer its product range from the very east to the very west of Turkey and more than 25 countries in the world.

We are going forward with firm steps as a company thanks to its unique models and different designs different than the imitating and day saving mentality of our country's door sector by virtue of our technological investments, future growth policy and targets. Our Company, which has made its brand image influential on customers about steel doors and interior doors, will rank among the first lines owing to its quality innovations also in kitchen cabinets.

The basic principle of our company has been accepted as the institutionalization and the image of our company which is the branding which is the assurance of our company in the future. It is the perception and identity in the consumer's mind and memory. This identity is formed as a result of a long period of time. Our company will keep on being a world brand not imitating but being followed, responding to the developing and changing customer demands by bringing aesthetics and quality together.