• Elite Series EMK-Bağdat

    The Symbol of the Dignified Stance

  • Elite Series EMK-Paris

    For those who can not give up the magic of old ...

  • Elite Series EMK-Roma

    New generation locking system

  • Elit Series EMK-Cairo

    Make the place different with natural wood model.

  • Labor means trust

    The trust that comes by dint of experience


EMEK STEEL DOOR, which never compromises design and safety, develops special products for you by virtue of years of experience and technology. With this TRUST, all our customers are recommending our brand.

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Emek Kapı is generating unique designs that are both modern and contemporary by making the most innovative designs of the industry for over 40 years.

New models Beijing, Betis, Cali, Delhi , Florence , Giza , Kyoto , Lyon , Medellin , Montreal, Oslo , Prag , Rio, Taipei , Vegas , Zurich


We produce innovative products with unique texture, order and qualities offered us by the nature.


We guarantee the safety of you and your family with the products we have produced using the latest technological security systems.